Electronic Design Services

Hardware Design Service

We are the European Representatives for MindTree, a Bangalore based consultancy offering both offshore and on-site design services to the electronics sector. MindTree are a 1400 strong engineering led company, with renowned IP.

For an informal and confidential discussion on how we can help you to gain the benefits of this highly motivated team of engineers, please contact us.

Microcontroller Brokerage

We are in the process of bringing to market some revolutionary new Microcontrollers with extremely high functionality, yet reasonable pricing. Please check back soon for further information.

Debug Technology

Planning you debug strategy should be a dominant task in all new product development. Unfortunately, it is quite often left until the software/hardware integration stage. We have expert knowledge of device debug and debug tools. If you need help with formulating your debug strategy, sorting out a debug problem or advice on debug tools - we can help.





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