Marketing services

Are you planning to bring new software or electronics hardware to market, about to make your initial offering, or still in the development stage? If so, and you would like to review your marketing strategy, positioning or target markets, then we can help.

Getting your marketing right is as important as perfecting your product - even the most perfect product will not succeed without well thought out marketing.

We have the experience and expertise to perfect the marketing for your perfect product.

Some of the services offered

  • Marketing audits
    • Product Status, Segment Definition
    • Major Customer definition, Competitor definition
    • Product or Service summary, product life cycle
    • Revenue/Resource Analysis
  • Market and Customer analysis
  • Marketing planning
    • using the proven "Ten Step Planning Methodology"
  • Competition analysis
    • Competitive Strategies
    • Marketing Mix
    • Risk Analysis
  • Promotion planning and campaigns

Business Development

MarkITeam represents a number of electronics services companies in the UK - generating new business and increasing market awareness.
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