MindTree is a Bangalore (India) based Engineering Center with around 1400 Engineers. With a special focus on hardware we can offer outsourcing capabilities at very attractive rates.

If you need help with your design  at peak times or if you are looking for a very cost competitive solution for an ASIC design - contact us and we will provide you a non-binding quote. This is of course at zero cost.

Regardless if you need 2 or 50 engineers  for your design. We have teams specialised for your market and can start working for you even at short notice.

Test us - you will be fascinated with our flexibility.

MindTree is one of the few companies in the world that has gained (in August 2003) P-CMM Level 5 qualification for it's global operations. MindTree is a high tech company which can easily compete with all modern European Design Centers. 





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